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Landscapes of Grief

Bringing Light to Grief

Parental Bereavement Retreat

Wheat Field

Support for the ever changing grief journey

My journey through grief has been one of deep valleys, hidden crevices,
being swept up river and beached downstream. There have also been
glorious mountains and plateaus along the way.
I believe that within each of us is a unique uncharted landscape that is
waiting to be discovered. Though we can never go back to how things
were, we can open to a different relationship with our grief.
You needn’t walk this journey alone.
I am here to hold compassionate space with love and grace and help
guide you through deep healing and expanded horizons.

My Personal Landscape

To be honest, I hadn’t intended to become a Grief Coach.
But after the loss of my beautiful 25-year old daughter Maya Rose, to a
heroin overdose, it was something that reluctantly found me.
Yet, this deep and powerful work seems to be a destination that I have
been traveling toward my whole life,
I worked with heroin addicts in Hong Kong. I distributed relief supplies to
third world islands in the Caribbean. And I did extensive grief and trauma
work on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana.
I have also known the joy and challenges of raising four children as a single
mother, while doing intuitive healing work and therapeutic massage.
These days, I live in California with my Italian Mastiff, Blu. You’ll often find
us hiking and meditating in Nature (which I consider the greatest healer of all.)
Speaking of healing, my heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved
one. But especially the parents of a child who has transitioned.
It is my mission and my honor to help bring wholeness to the hopeless, and
to help those who are lost find their way.

Maya's Life Celebration
Releasing Maya
Fly in Lion (3)_edited.png

The Flying Lion Bus

A safe place to process grief in nature

Calming vistas

Nature based retreats

The Flying Lion Bus is a custom-built camper that allows you to journey out into nature, to find a safe and calming place that can help you feel ready to let go. The bus was built after Alison's daughter came to her with a vision for the project, with the dream of helping others.

For mothers who know loss

For bereaved parents

Do you feel like you've lost part of yourself?
You don't have to grieve alone. I am a certified grief coach with many years of experience, and I'm here to gently and compassionately guide you every step of the way.

No matter the challenge, I am here to help you find peace.

Parental Bereavement Retreat

Bringing Light to Grief

This parental bereavement retreat is for grieving mothers and fathers who are ready to let go of pain that isn't serving them and learn tools to help manage grief. With Alison's support, you will:


Connect with Nature

Experience a pure connection with nature as a tool for healing

Release the Power to Heal

Release your dependency on others, and your power to self heal

Studying at Home
Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Return to Purpose

Return to laughter, joy, passion and purpose



"Grief work is not a field that people are particularly drawn to...not a work that you enter into with excitement and enthusiasm but rather one you must be willing to answer the call to.  It is a field that requires some level of deep initiation into the mysteries of grief that allows one to mine the jewels and gifts embedded within those mysteries.  I have had the great honor of witnessing Allison navigate that initiation herself and plum the depths of the experience for gifts that were meant for her to bring out into the world.  So thank you Allison for answering the call, for choosing to use your vast personal experiences and lessons to help others walk through their own dark journey, for always showing up with compassion and care and for always being a brilliant light shining in this world, not in spite of the grief but because of your choice to welcome it to the table.  Potential client: If you yourself are feeling called to explore the landscapes of your grief, I can think of no better person to do that work with than Alison Yendell."

-Tricia Stapleton. Osa, Costa Rica

Bridge Over River

John O'Donohue

"One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement.
When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might never have crossed on your own"

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