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Parental Bereavement Retreat

Bringing Light to Grief


at Hidden Leaf Baja in Todos Santos, BCS

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This parental bereavement retreat is for grieving mothers and fathers who are ready to let go of pain that isn't serving them and learn tools to help manage grief. It's Alison's purest intent that you will:

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Connect with Nature

Experience a pure connection with nature as a tool for healing

Release the Power to Heal

Release your dependency on others, and your power to self heal

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Return to Purpose

Return to laughter, joy,

passion and purpose


Explore the soul journey of your transitioned child

Find Balance with Grief

Moving You Forward

Losing a child of any age can leave a parent with immeasurable grief.  This onslaught of grief is unrelenting and intense and does not always get better with time.  My 'Bringing Light to Grief' retreat can help you deal with your loss.  


To be honest, I hadn’t intended to become a Grief Coach. But after the loss of my beautiful 25-year old daughter Maya Rose, to a heroin overdose, it was something that reluctantly found me. Yet, this deep and powerful work seems to be a destination that I have been traveling toward my whole life.

I worked with heroin addicts in Hong Kong. I distributed relief supplies to third world islands in the Caribbean. And I did extensive grief and trauma work on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana.

I have also known the joy and challenges of raising four children as a single mother, while doing intuitive healing work and therapeutic massage.

These days, I live in California with my Italian Mastiff, Blu. You’ll often find us hiking and meditating in Nature (which I consider the greatest healer of all.)

Speaking of healing, my heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one. But especially the parents of a child who has transitioned.

It is my mission and my honor to help bring wholeness to the hopeless. And help those who are lost find their way.

I am a certified master’s grief coach and I will work with you to gain the tools to reconnect and truly honor your child in love and light energy. All that is needed is a willingness and an open heart.

Bringing Light to Grief is for those open to new perspectives, ready to plant new seeds of life, passion, and purpose. In nature, seeds are buried in the darkness below the fertile soil. As the roots take hold, the seed realizes it must seek light to survive and thrive.

Retreaters will be taken on this seeding journey in a safe and secure environment, as Alison has experienced the pain, loss, and devastation of losing a child. She walks with you, allowing you to welcome transformative energies while holding your heart, providing a safe space to share your grief. A sharing that begins the forgiveness journey helping you release the shame or guilt, allowing you to step away from victimhood and into a new life of joy, fun, and laughter – a new way to honor your angel.

We will close the journey in alignment with the celebration of Dia de los Ninos ( Celebration of the Children) in the town of Todos Santos.

The Retreat

What to Expect

You can expect an informal check-in process at the luxurious Hidden Leaf Baja Estate in Todos Santos, Mexico.  The sacred five-day grief retreat program then provides a safe cocoon where you can express your grief to Alison and a circle of compassionate listeners who understand what you are going through. 


The ‘Bringing Light to Grief’ retreat allows you to gain tools that can help you deal with the pain of your loss, and it enables you to connect with others who share similar experiences.  


Do you feel ready to move on from your grief?   


The 'Bringing Light to Grief' retreat gives you the opportunity in a safe and judgment-free setting to understand your grief journey better, reflect on your life, and enhance your coping skills.

Alison Yendell

Master Grief Coach, Retreat Facilitator

Alison's journey through life has been a remarkable odyssey of resilience and transformation. At the age of 16, she embarked on a path that led her from her home to Italy, setting the stage for a series of extraordinary experiences. While sailing the Atlantic in search of love, she confronted and overcame drug addiction, ultimately finding her sense of belonging among indigenous communities such as the Bedouins tribe in Sinai, and the isolated rain forest tribes in the Amazon to name a few. In the midst of the 2008 economic crash, Alison faced homelessness and escaped from an eight-year abusive marriage, courageously raising her four children as a single mother.


Her unwavering commitment to service has been a defining aspect of her identity, as she tirelessly distributed relief supplies to underprivileged communities in Uganda and the Caribbean; and provided shelter and support to homeless and troubled teenagers in Montana and Hong Kong. Her motivation for wellness and healing emerged from her personal journey, which evolved from the depths of depression, addiction and suicidal ideation to a path of wholeness and a profound love for life.

Alison's transformative encounter with plant-based medicine, in coping with the grief of losing her daughter Maya Rose, served as a turning point in her life's purpose. She now shares her healing gifts and expertise in plant-based therapies, offering individuals the opportunity to embark on a journey of profound healing and expanded horizons. This deep and powerful work represents the culmination of a lifelong quest, and Alison invites you to join her on a journey toward love and freedom.



- Certified as a Master Grief Coach in 2019 and Founded “Landscapes of Grief”

- Worked for 1 year in Uganda assisting the Batwa Refugees

- Sports and massage therapist to athletes, surgeons, and CEOs for 22 years

- Lived on the Crow Indian reservation working with troubled youth

- Rehab specialist and facilitator in Hong Kong working with triad heroin addicts

- Contributed to humanitarian aid efforts globally for 4 years with Youth With A Mission


Alison's profound journey and extensive experience make her a compassionate guide for those seeking to transform grief and trauma into a unique and healing personal journey. Her passion for nature and her belief in the integration of body, mind, and spirit underscore her holistic approach to healing, which incorporates various modalities and the therapeutic potential of plant medicine. With deep compassion and a listening heart, Alison invites individuals to embark on their own path of healing and evolution. Currently, she works with clients virtually and in person in Marin, California, hosts retreats for bereaved parents in Baja and Costa Rica and operates the "The Flying Lion," a grief relief bus that helps grieving parents reconnect with nature and rediscover their voices.



  • Fly into Los Cabo International Airport, shuttle will drive you to Hidden Leaf Baja, in Todos Santos.

  • Settle into your room and surroundings

  • Dinner & Introductions

  • Tour of Hidden Leaf

  • Fire Circle, Opening our Sacred Journey, and setting intentions for the week

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  • Morning coffee, tea & fruit

  • Morning Meditation and Breathwork

  • Breakfast

  • Alter Building

  • Share your Angel story

  • Lunch

  • Continue Angel Stories

  • Body work or free time

  • Dinner

  • Fire Circle, Stargazing, Sharing / Feeling

Image by Zoran Kokanovic


  • Morning coffee, tea & fruit

  • Beach walk and guided beach meditation

  • Breakfast

  • Writing a releasing letter to your angel

  • Lunch

  • Face painting for Day of the Dead from local women

  • Shuttle into town to join in Dia de los Ninos, (celebration of the children) where we will honor our children with the local community in their traditional celebrations

  • Dinner in town (included)

  • Shuttle back to Hidden Leaf



  • Morning coffee, tea & fruit

  • Beach-walk and guided meditation on the beach

  • Breakfast

  • Breathwork, Sound Healing + Cacao Ceremony

  • Lunch

  • Free time 

  • Dinner

  • Fire Circle - Releasing & burning of letters

  • Sharing – Calling in new Intentions

Main House 53 Outdoor Firepit 3.jpg


  • Breakfast

  • Closing Circle

  • Shuttle to the Airport

Image by Marcus Woodbridge

Itinerary disclaimer: We warmly welcome all retreat participants to an enriching and transformative experience. While we have meticulously crafted an itinerary designed to provide you with a structured and fulfilling journey, we acknowledge the dynamic and evolving nature of group interactions. As such, we reserve the right to introduce minor adjustments to the schedule, taking into consideration the organic flow of the group, individual processing needs, and active participation from all attendees. These potential changes are intended to foster a sense of fluidity and responsiveness, ensuring that the retreat remains a harmonious space for collective growth and personal exploration. We greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we create an environment that nurtures both the planned and the spontaneous aspects of this transformative retreat.


Organic Farm to Table Meals

All meals are provided by the in-house chef at Hidden Leaf Baja


  • Pre Retreat Introduction Call

  • Accommodations

  • All Meals and Beverages

  • All Details within the Itinerary

  • Post Retreat 1 hour Integration Call

  • All Taxes + Fees


  • Airfare

  • Ground Transportation

  • Gratuities

  • Travel Insurance

  • Additional Activities

Accommodations at Hidden Leaf Baja

An oasis where luxury meets introspection and relaxation merges with cultural immersion. Step into a realm where the ordinary dissipates and the extraordinary beckons. Hidden Leaf Baja has 4-bedrooms, 4 Glamping Suites, 11 bathrooms at a private estate home surrounded by 2 acres of beautiful tropical and desert gardens, just minutes from the beach. It's nestled near the captivating coastal town of Todos Santos, where tranquility awaits.

Aerial Shot of Seashore

A word from Alison,


I am truly honored to be a part of your healing journey, and I look forward to supporting you as you navigate through grief, find inner strength, and embrace the transformative power within yourself. Together, let us create a space where healing and empowerment become your reality.  Even if our voices trembles, we must speak.

If you have any questions regarding the retreat please reach out to us using the contact form below.

Thank you!

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